Prepare for Your Appointment

Gather. Prepare. Inform.

Please review the items below in advance of your appointment. Additionally, patients should arrive 15 minutes early to complete any necessary paperwork and it is recommended that patients bring a change of clothes, such as shorts, plus a tank top or a T-shirt, to make the examination process more comfortable.



New patients interested in the specialized multidisciplinary healthcare services of our clinic may receive a referral from their General Practitioner, Chiropractor, or other attending medical specialist.


Insurance & Payment

Most assessments and procedures performed by our physicians are fully covered by the provincial healthcare system.


Patients requiring other recommended procedures or treatments for effective rehabilitation that are not covered by the provincial system will be advised in advance.


We accept cash, debit, and credit cards for payment of services that are not covered through patient insurance.


Acceptable third-party coverage includes the following: Workers’ Compensation Board, private extended healthcare insurance coverage, Canadian military, police forces and legal litigation.


Medical Records

HealthPointe Medical Centre records are maintained in electronic format.


Your referring physician or medical specialist will normally forward the required documentation and medical history required by our clinic. If you have any additional reports that your doctor may not have, please bring those to your first appointment.


Bringing a recently updated list of all the medications that you are currently taking can reduce the assessment time. As well, a list of medications that you have used in the past can be obtained from your pharmacist at your request. This list of medications can be extremely helpful in determining additional treatment options at the time of assessment.