Michael Knash (EMG)

Discipline: Neurology

Dr Michael Knash is a neurologist with a special interest in the management of headache disorders, as well as in electromyography and neuromuscular conditions. On the national level he is a member of the executive of the Canadian Headache Society, organizing and lecturing at national meetings. On the provincial level he has been involved in revising Alberta’s Toward Optimized Practice headache management guidelines and is currently working to standardize headache management across Alberta Health Services facilities. In addition to non-invasive modalities Dr Knash performs interventional management of headache disorders when appropriate including injection of Botox, peripheral nerve blockade, and sphenopalatine ganglion blockade.


Academically Dr Knash is an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Alberta is and involved in the training and education of medical students and residents.

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