HealthPointe Foundation

Research. Technology. Fellowship.


An important element in our vision includes providing the opportunity for medical fellowships and mentoring of new medical specialists in general physiatry and spine pain expertise. This may include the provision of financial support for achieving advanced medical certifications that will enhance the clinic’s capabilities to better serve our clients’ rehabilitation needs. We are also engaged in ongoing research in the area of axial-skeletal pain management from an interventional, exercise, and interdisciplinary perspective. External financial participation will be pursued through engaging in collaborative studies with institutional and industry research partners. An electronic database will be created to support the clinical research and educational activities of the clinic.


The HealthPointe Foundation has been established to provide the infrastructure to drive all of the above goals related to research, technology development, fellowships, and industry funding for research and development programs.


If you require further information with regard to the operation, objectives, or how you might interface with the HealthPointe Foundation, please direct your inquiries to Dr. Sean Gonzales, Medical Director, HealthPointe Medical Centres Ltd. by e-mail to